Executive Assessment

Executive assessment is at the foundation of my executive coaching practice. The assessment process I rely on involves three key components depending the assessment’s purposes. The first component includes a comprehensive developmental history i.e. a careful review of the client’s educational and career histories, key career decisions and personal reflections on management preferences, strengths and areas for development, career aspirations (and more). The second component includes administration of a selected group of well-validated work style inventories (as a doctoral level psychologist I am certified in many well-known, Level 3 psychometric instruments). The last component involves getting feedback from key stakeholders through the use of either survey based or interview 360° feedback programs. Interpretation and synthesizing data from these components results in comprehensive picture of the client. My conclusions are informed by my education and experience in both clinical and business psychology i.e. taking into account psychometrics, an eclectic perspective on personality, motivation and career management, and finally, an in depth use of competency modeling as a framework for professional development.

I conduct executive assessments for each of the following types of engagements:

Executive Coaching: The first phase of each coaching case involves a comprehensive assessment as described above (developmental interview, work-style inventories, 360 feedback). Following feedback from the assessment, I work with the client to develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that includes at least three goals, each with two to three measurable action steps. The IDP then serves as a roadmap for the coaching process.

Individual Leadership Assessment and Development Programs: These are programs that involve individual assessment and followed by the development of an Individual Development plan that can serve as a roadmap for an executive’s development coaching with their manager.

Executive Selection: These are assessments conducted as part of the hiring process for mission critical assignments where it is key to find the right candidate/job fit. The process includes a developmental interview and administration of select work-style instruments. Outcomes include generating targeted questions to explore with references as final part of the hiring process, an assessment of fit for specific competencies inherent in the job and finally an onboarding roadmap should the candidate be hired.