I am a trusted advisor to senior executives on a range of issues related to effective leadership and management including areas such as succession planning, development of leadership competencies, and executive assessment through boself-assessment and 360° feedback. Additionally, I work with principals/owners of closely held businesses (often family-owned) both individually and collectively to increase alignment with strategic goals. I also work with executives whose careers are at risk of derailing, and professionals outside of business, i.e. physicians or lawyers who are having issues limiting their job effectiveness.

Service Offering and Capabilities
Service offerings are always customized to the needs of the client. Typical services include one or more of the following:

• Executive Assessment for Selection: A systematic process of interviewing and psychometric testing to improve the accuracy of the hiring process. The emphasis is on “job fit” as linked to the organization’s strategic objectives.

• Team Alignment and Development Programs: customized programs that support alignment with both strategic and the organization’s “culture” objectives as well as highlighting current recognized leadership best practices.

• Executive Onboarding and Assimilation: One-on-one coaching programs using well-established processes to accelerate an executive’s transition into a new leadership role.

• Developmental coaching: For companies looking to invest in the continuing development of their best leaders and managers, one-on-one coaching that allows the executive to “take stock” of his/her core “people management” strengths and gaps and then address identified deficits; or for those executives with “mission critical” assignments” where the organization is looking to offer all support possible to maximize the executive’s chances for delivering a successful outcome.

• Coaching for “technical experts as managers”: specific coaching for those executives who have excelled as individual contributors and then been promoted to the managerial ranks based on those contributions.

• Executive coaching for executive’s at risk of derailing: One-on-one coaching that is individually tailored for those valued executives who have been strong individual contributors but, due to gaps in people management skills, have found themselves at risk for career derailment.

• Career Management and Reappraisal: One-on-one coaching for executives wanting an outside perspective as they consider next career steps and associated “skilling” needs.

• Consulting with closely held, family owned businesses: Consultation on the range of issues frequently confronted by owners of family businesses; consultation informed by subject matter expertise in executive coaching, career management, clinical psychology and family therapy. Special emphasis is on aligning and balancing family dynamic concerns with strategic business needs.

• “Coaching for managers” seminars: Customized seminars for manager or supervisor groups looking to further develop individual coaching skills critical to their own job success.

• 360° Multi-rater feedback survey design and roll-out: Consulting around selection, customization and roll-out of 360° multi-rater feedback instruments and programs for individual leader/managers or groups.